Feeling Sad

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sadness is a feeling — it's one of the many normal human emotions, or moods, we all have. Sadness is the emotion people feel when they've lost something important,
or when they have been disappointed about something, or when something sad has happened to them or to someone else. When they're lonely, people often feel sad.Sadness makes you feel like crying, and sometimes the tears are hard to stop. Crying often makes you feel better.

When Is it naturally to feel sad?
It can come once in a while. So many things happen in our life can make we sad. Mostly they occurred because a loss or separation, disappointment, change.
Losing someone who close to u will be the most common cause of sadness. Death, break up, divorce can bring sad feeling for weeks, months even year. Sometime sadness make you failed to think straight because you cant get off your mind from your loss

Changes that involve something or someone example your close friend move to other place that will make you cant contact her easily. Or maybe changing school, place of work sometimes can make you feel sad too

Disappointments like losing a game you hoped to win, getting a poor grade, or not being invited to a party can cause sadness. Sadness is a natural reaction to those things.

Relationships bring happiness and fun much of the time. But tension or conflict in important relationships, or relationships that break up, can cause sadness, too. People often feel sad when all is not right between them and their loved ones,
or when they get criticized or yelled at a lot.

When you are feel so sad, just go outside and do any activities that can catch your attention. Even cant help to forget all things but it can help you out a little and release your burden


Will only say take care...

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

How will you feel if your best friend will move to other country? Don't know when can meet her again. I bet you will very sad. I am in this condition right now, so really I have no energy to do anything. I just want to have time machine and draw my time back, so I can spent more time with her.
This a poem that I sent to my best friend after she said "its hard to say goodbye"

Will miss u

the question was
what would I do if you go back to your country
And now it's time to find out
I know it part of life come and go
I will really trully miss you
as I am sure everyone will

Many thanks for constans support
for friendship that you give
for courage to go on
to manage days and stay strong

I know will not easy to see u online
as we are in different time zone
Only wish you good luck
So, let's just say "take care",
Because "goodbye" seems too final.
Maybe we'll see you again someday
Remembering you always with a smile!


When you are so far apart.... long distance relationship

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

In this age of internet, chat room sometimes you find someone you love there, but the problems come when you realize how far distance betwen you and your love one. It will be a hard relationship, because when you need your soulmate beside, he is not there. Human beings crave physical affection. People miss the other person's smile, eye contact, scent, touch, kiss, touch, and most aspects of physical intimacy. No matter how much a couple tries, physical interaction cannot be replaced by a phone call, letter or cyber anything

It will be harder when not only distance but different timezone too. You cant match the exact time to communicate. You must arrange time for rest, work and when you can have intimate times to talk.

But since love sometimes you cant control, so just try many ways to make it work.

* communicate in some way everyday
Since you wont be seeing each other, it's important to establish and maintain an emotional connection. Not always long or in-dept relationship, but just teel him/her your little problem and ask for advice. Send message via messenger or email is good but be careful sometimes written language can increase possibility of misunderstanding. U can use webcam to interact with your mate, with that you can see your mate expression and smile. It can reduce your burden from missing him or her to much.Send her/him short good night, good morning message or little love notes just to express how you care about him/her

*Make an agreement with your mate how many times you will contact him/her for a week, so one of you not feel abandoned by other. If you can meet your promise just send a massage to explain why. Be prepared to be flexible and less demanding.

*NEVER argue over e-mail and try not to argue over the phone either. If it happen try to solve it carefully.

* Avoid jealousy and be trusting One of the easiest ways to destroy a perfectly healthy relationship is to poison it with jealousy and drama. When you start a long distance relationship you must be realistic of the difficulties ahead. You should approach the trust issue in a long distance relationship the same way as you would in a normal relationship. If there is no indication or evidence of cheating, it is most likely not happening. Don't fall in the trap to interrogate your partner every time he/she decides to go out for a drink with people you haven't met or he/she didn't get back to you right away when you called and left a message

*Know when to say good-bye. While this is tough in any relationship, this can be especially hard over long distances. When communication becomes one-sided or sparse for too long and for no apparent reason, when arguments (yes, you'll have them) become too frequent, when the whole thing just seems like more trouble than it's worth, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship.
You have to remember that for a healthy relationship, no matter how far or close, you must be willing to let go.


Happy Mothers Day

>> Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom... how I miss you now
Since I was here thousand miles away
I cant see your smile
only can hear your voice
it make me miss u so much always

Sometimes I just want to back
at the time I was a child
always saw you around
can touched and hold you always
when I was in tear

Mom.... I love you so much
I was lucky have you as my mom
and I always proud of you mom

To all moms in the world... Happy Mothers day .. always share love for every kid in the world and make them become a warm heart person.. make the world in peace always..


Top entrecard dropper for April 2009

>> Sunday, May 3, 2009

This April was my first month to join Entrecard, even so manythings hapend in Entrecard, but I love to join Entrcards community, here I can find many interseting blog easily. Thanks a lot for my 10 Entrecard dropper hope I always can see you around.
My top 10 entrecard dropper
1. Creating a Better World
2. DJ Tammy Squels
3. The Maiden Testimony
5. Monkey Arcade
6. Losing Weight Intentionally
7. My Heart Voice
8. TastyThoughts
9. Femmepower
10. Grandmother's Patternbook


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