Lifestyle...much money or comfortable living

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

I remember when I was in college, I and friend always mention about a good career. It means that we will get a good salary, live as a wealthy people. We discussed about which we prefer, make a large amount of money or satisfied to get comfortable living only.

If we have a large of money, we can buy anything that we want. Many thing that just only dream, such as traveling around the world, have a big house, a new model car, have clothes and bag from famous brand and many more high standard living will be so easy. The most important, we could send our kids to the best school, so they could have the best education. Beside that, when we have a lot of money we can share our wealth to many charities, it will help other much more.

In contrast, if we choose comfortable living, we will have less than wealthy person. But it have a good side too, because comfortable living need less effort in working, that we could spend more for a good quality of life. We have more time to enjoy our lives while less pressure in work, and we still have a time to spend with family. Less stress will lead a good health for us, and combine with time with family, it will make our lives more happy. Just imagine, we could go home in the evening, go to swimming pool with kids, prepare a healthy dinner and share about many things that happen during the day. These all things will be difficult to have if we busy in work to get some extra more money.

If I could choose, I mostly prefer comfortable living rather than make a large amout of money. There will be many valuable things in life more than money, and I don't want to miss the time see my kids grow up and feel their bonding to me. I think my kids will be more happy if I could spend my time playing or buy them some simple things, rather than give them much money but I were not with them all the time.


Will I lose my best friend?

>> Saturday, September 5, 2009

We always need friend in life, and then we finally found our best friend, when we met someone who care, understand and accept us with sincere feeling, no matter with many of our weakness.
That's happen on me, I found 2 best friend in life, I share manything wit them laugh together, support each other ang give care to them. But today... I just feel I finally will lose one of them, honestly feeling break up inside.

A friend that I met here, when we are come to this country as foreigner, not much friend we have. Even we seldom meet physically but we talked a lot through net. Twice a day we said hi, talked about manything, shared joked, and when one of us got in to problem, we supported each other. But there is time to meet, there is time to say good bye. Finally my friend complete study and go back to the country origin. My Friend promise me nothing will change, will always contact me everday even a few minutes.

That time i believe, after went back for a month I still receive mail or chat at least once a day, even only 15-20 minutes. Then the following month it reduces once on 2-3 days. I tried to sent short message by mail, but sometimes i got no reply. And lately not on 2-3 days but 4 days with only words "hi, how r u, hope everything ok with u", no personal and freindly message anymore.
Become worst the last month that contact me only twice, no mail reply.

Could someone change easily? Many memories gone, and pretend nothing happen. I feel it will be hard to have a best friend again, if then will end up just like that. I thought I never change still the same, never judge my friend, even when I sent mail without reply, i try to use cherish words. I pretend nothing happen between us, but this I got. Will I lose my best friend?


>> Friday, August 14, 2009

When There Was Me And You lyrics

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
And once upon a song

Now I know your not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true
Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Cause I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that
I could be so blind
It's like you were floating
While I was falling
And I didn't mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

I just feel funny of my self like this song.. still feeling so blue. I hope I can stand up and smile freely again same with the time before I know you.


Come back

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

It Has been a long time not make a post in this blog. When I make this blog and write it I have a friend that always accompany me. We talked at night, smile and laugh, sometime he gave me inspiration to write, from our conversation, from our misunderstanding.. but now all are different.

He had back to his country, busy with other thing in his life, I couldn't talk a lot with him. A year have a close friendship and then disappear, make me don't want to touch this blog. Even now he only replied my mail in one words (I write a long mail hiks) but I want to remember all of sweet memories that we have

I know someday, sometime.. I will survive, with or without him. I just need time to cure my broken heart even its already 4 months and still hurt. And I understand... its not a fairy tale, it just one of my nice dream in my sleep on the night. N when I wake up all just disappear.
Any way, if u come pass by.. I just want to thank for all your kindness (but I think u wont remember this website again :))
So I come back.. I want to have my smile again, my power again


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