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>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

How will you feel if your best friend will move to other country? Don't know when can meet her again. I bet you will very sad. I am in this condition right now, so really I have no energy to do anything. I just want to have time machine and draw my time back, so I can spent more time with her.
This a poem that I sent to my best friend after she said "its hard to say goodbye"

Will miss u

the question was
what would I do if you go back to your country
And now it's time to find out
I know it part of life come and go
I will really trully miss you
as I am sure everyone will

Many thanks for constans support
for friendship that you give
for courage to go on
to manage days and stay strong

I know will not easy to see u online
as we are in different time zone
Only wish you good luck
So, let's just say "take care",
Because "goodbye" seems too final.
Maybe we'll see you again someday
Remembering you always with a smile!

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