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>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self-control is a set of behaviors which: accepts the reality that the only thing in life which you can successfully change and control is yourself. Self-control keeps negative traits such as self-destruction and it also helps a person become the master of his own life, and having the skill of self-control restores and maintains balance. That one of the way to improve your personal growth.

Developing self control
1) First you need to identify in what areas of your life you need to gain more self-control.
Many people have problems with eating right, shopping without overspending, not working too hard or working too hard, excessive drinking, smoking and gambling.

2) Try identifying the emotions that lack control, such as anger, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, resentment,tendency to act without thinking first, the tendency to lose faith in one's ability and character and lastly pleasure or fear.

3) Identify the thoughts and beliefs that push you to behave in uncontrolled manner.

4) Several times a day, especially when you need to display self control,or whenever you feel like losing control and giving in to your impulses, say to yourself, "I can control myself, I am a grown person and I know how to handle myself." Or you can say, "I am the master of my life. No one manipulates my thoughts and emotions but myself."

5) Visualize yourself acting with self-control and self-restraint. Take one of the instances where you usually act with lack of control, and visualize that you are acting calmly and with self-mastery.

Remember, self-control is all about not letting your fears and addictions from taking over your life. It is about you taking control over the negative feelings present in your life. Having self-control means you will enjoy better relationships with people, do better in your work and other endeavors, and you will learn the things that need your attention and emotions from those that should be ignored and left alone. Developing and strengthening your self-control will make you a better person that you are today.


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