Think before you speak

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our spoken words originate from our thought, please aware when you speak, it not only affect ourselves but people around us. Another danger about words that one it is out of our mouth, it can never be taken back and it will have an effect. Most of us unaware to positive or negative effect of this words, which has ripple effect on ourselves and those around us. Just wonder if your negative words can hurt somebody else for long time even you have ask for forgiveness.

Everything we say produces an effect and everything you say to someone else also produce some kind off effect in that person. When we speak unkindly we are actually creating a negative vibration within us thus harming the harmony of our body, mind and spirit and destroying our self esteem.

At all times we should think and analyse before we speak, because whatever unpleasant words we say about another it is actually a reflection of ourselves. Every individual should learn not to follow their whims and start doing or saying something that comes into their mind. Exercise our capability to control, be conscious, and apply caution on what we want to speak.

Guide to positive words and thought
* avoid gossip
* stay away from complaining others
* Look at the good quality and strength of others
* do not follow unpleasant emotion to control you
* before you speak ask yourself, are you ok, if others told you like that
* try to take control your word rather than words control you.


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