Love Him but Hate Him

>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you ever have this feeling. You really love a man but hate him in the same time. Let me share a story about my friend.
" I ever have this feeling. When I meet him, its looks all perfect, he is so care with me. All the times i feel that he need me more and more. We share our story, laugh a lot, and he always give me support for all my problem. Sending me so much poems, listening music together, want to know what I like and dislike. Seems all perfect in our limitation.

I felt my day was bright that time, he always give me a reason to love, live and laugh. Every time I asked him that, "Do you love me." He replied fast "Yes, my dear." But now, I felt he already changed. We only have a little time to talk, and he will come only when he really need me. Otherwise he will stay away. If I asked something, he only replied with a short word. What must I do, I still love him, but he treat me bad. I never know what he feel to me, coz when I ask him if he don't love me anymore, let me now. But he never respond my question.

I really love him, and I feel I can't life without him on it. Even I always suffered in this relationship, but better for me to stay like that, love and hate in the same time."

Its very common problem in women life, love so absurd, and make we blind. But please think it carefully, "Do you really want to life like that? Can you face it all the time?"
Make your decision carefully, please You NEED TO BE HAPPY...


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