Thanks to my Cyber friend

>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

I want to share my personal story about a cyber friend.

Friend..I feel you are special to me
We have different nationality or not live in the same country, but sometimes feel so close

Even i can't talk everyday but I still can feel how care you are (even sometime I don't believe you too haha)
When I got problem in my life, I did unfair thing to you, sometimes blame you for no reason.
Angry with you.. and told "I HATE YOU" , not reply your message

But you only sent me some kind words and told me "Can I call you now, and u can share your problem with me," and said "I never hate you"
I know I am not your most important person in your life, you have soul mate in your side, but thanks anyway you are so kind to me. Thanks for not forget to sent message in your busy time or while in your trip around the world ( I know you are busy with her too
kenyit )

I don't know how long I can have this nice friendship relationship, but really thanks you always can make me smile. And always told me to be a smart girl.

For all friend, who I met online thank for your kind friendship too. You are all precious too me.


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